Straordinary flexibility

Combyax: The evolution of the numerical control flexible transfer machine

Iper- Multicenter for complex pieces, which need to be worked in only one phase.

The Industry 4.0 can be summarized as the result of the right interconnection of more machines with the aim to reduce investments to the minimum, to improve the quality, the efficiency and to control the production process.

Ideally, when the interconnection is on the maximum of its integration, everything becomes a single “machinery”, which requires an almost null assistance from the operator.
In this respective Combyax machines are really multiprocess plants, which tend to realize the finished product.

In only one machinery, different CNC machining center realize production processes different between them; for example, there can be simultaneous operations of: 3 or 5 axes milling, turning, boring, broaching, plastic deformation, marking, dimensional or process controls, etc.

The USER FRIENDLY PICCHI programming  makes the machinery easy to use and to program.

Moreover, Picchi offers also “turn-key” plants, where the machinery is automated and interconnected to machines which do secondary machining, such as snagging machines, washing machines, etc.


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