Our Philosophy

Look at the future keeping Roots in the past

Picchi Company was founded in 1958, and it is one of the most  traditional Italian companies in the manufacturing of Transfer Machines and CNC Machining Centers. The company is an integral part of Bugatti Group, of which it is the technical and technological advisor, and from which it draws impulse for its own development.

In the modern and functional Headquarter, the most advanced technology are used to guarantee the final quality of the products, and the commercial network, which is present in the most developed markets, has consolidated an export share of about 70%.


Protagonist together with our costumers during the change process of the industry 4.0


We complete our proposal with tools, clamping equipment, process controls with linked operations, which are the characteristics in order to make all the know- how, technical and technological, evolved inside the company. This is also an introduction for the future.


Create new values and future opportunities for our costumers

Dedication, competence, attention to the market and to the needs of its customers through the supply of highly customized products are the characteristics so that all the technical and technological know-how is fully developed within the company, premise also for the future progress

From the design and supply of the first diamond cutting machine for spheres, Picchi has supplied more than 1000 Special Machines, including complex and integrated production Islands, providing "turnkey" solutions oriented to Industry 4.0.


The costumer doesn't want an answer but the right answer


We support the customer in the technological examination of "his" investment project, personalizing the choices by having a complete range of Transfer Machines, Bar Transfers, which are designed for a limited type of pieces or for a range, and Multi-Spindle Machining Centers for flexible production with reduced lots.

We offer highly specialized and technically advanced solutions aimed at creating greater value demonstrable by similar experiences.
Among the solutions, the complete range of HP High Performance units, the direct-drive rotary tables, the integrated recesses with tool change, sophisticated temperature control systems, up to the generation of high performance Transfers with minimum cycle times of 1.5 sec.


Training, Technologies, Services: The costumer is satisfied


We provide training for personnel involved in the operation and maintenance of the system, offering the software tools to monitor, classify and summarize the efficiency data and to provide any preventive and corrective action.

We are able to assist, even online, the systems installed in the world providing the necessary support with the immediate supply of spare parts to minimize machine downtime.