HP LL "High performance & Low Maintenance”

High performance Transfer machine TR

Technological Tradition – Guaranteed Reliability

The steady development of Transfer Machines has lead Picchi to the project of the new HP “High performance & Low maintenance” units, which besides guaranteeing rigidity and precision characteristics, they allow limited, easy and fast maintenance interventions.
This activity has also improved the characteristics in terms of spindles, axes speeds and accelerations that, along with additional machining stability process actions, has defined a boost in the machine performances and in all reliability.

The rotary table, pressurized and driven by Torque Motor (Direct-Drive) with position control by Encoder, guarantees a high reliability and rotation speed (0.20 sec), fundamental element to guarantee extremely short cycle times.

The performances of our numerical control machines tools are more substantial for machining “low lead brass” alloys; more and more used due to the introduction of the rules that reduce lead on drinking water, and on whom specific experiences allow us to offer complete and high profitable solutions.


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