Multispindle machining center

Chrono Multispindle Machining Center

The main characteristics:


  • Version with 4 or 5 axes.
  • Multispindle machining center with 3 or 4 machining centers linked to each other by 4 or 5 stations, which are driven by Torque motors.
  • A station is available for the load and unload operations in masked time.
  • Machining of different pieces for each station or of one piece with split cycle between the different stations.
  • In option, a Recess Group integrated in the spindle of a machining center with Capto C4 connection.
  • The characteristics of the offered spindles and the analysis of the work conditions allow the decision, which is able to optimize the machining of the materials.
  • Dynamics of linear axes with speed of 60 m/1’ and dynamics of rotary axes optimized.
  • Ability of the tools magazines with standard solutions from 54 to 120 tools. There is the possibility to apply external magazines also managed by the machining center in work.
  • Temperature control in order to guarantee dimensional stability and maximum precisions.
  • High pressure coolant through the spindles  also with the presence of the recess group.
  • Devices, equipment and accessibility learnt to accelerate the phases of lots change.
  • “User Friendly” Picchi Interface projected to make easy and immediate the use of the machine.
  • Service: Systems of  Remote maintenance and / or Tele diagnosis and / or remote control systems.
  • “Industry 4.0”: Interconnection to the IT systems, monitoring of the work conditions and of the process parameters, adaptive control to the drifts of the process, etc.
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