Our Machines

Among the machine tools, special machines must meet the requirements of high productivity and low operating costs, meeting the needs of customers in diversified sectors.

Ability to adapt the range of machines in relation to the complexity of the pieces, the materials to be processed, the required production rates, the number of batches: a synthesis whose solution is reflected in the applicative experience and in the assembly of fully tested modules completed with the necessary personalization.

Among the most significant building modules are the High Perfromance units, even multi-spindle, as they are more effective as the machining is preciser and with high finishing, guaranteeing a decidedly longer tool life; electronic recesses controlled by CNC, rotary tables with Direct - Drives capable of minimum rotation times of 0.20 sec, CNC machining centers to make applications flexible, gripping jaws of parts with rotating axes to deal with complex operations.

The Transfer machine is proposed for fittings and valves in the classic configuration of ten stations and fifteen units for pieces with maximum ½ "gas size, minimum cycle times of 1.5 seconds. It is a product for very high volumes, normally dedicated to a specific family of pieces, but which is able, due to its constructive characteristics, to offer high reliability over the time.

For sectors where over the time it will be necessary to produce different parts from those initially envisaged (for example: automotive, subcontracting in general) or for more complex parts, we can offer, in the Combyax Transfer machines, the extended combination of our modules, with integrated Milling and Turning Centers , where the pursuit of the minimum production time is combined to the need of short re-equipment times for even smaller production batches.

For less production volumes made up of numerous families of pieces, we offer Chrono, a multi-spindle machining center made up of 3/4 machining centers, with tool magazines up to 30 seats, connected to each other by a rotating table, where the tables are housed and driven by Torque motors.

For bar machining, Combybar can be the alternative to multi-spindle lathes, with the advantage that there are no limits to the geometry of the bar because the piece is machined not in rotation, and the turning, drilling, milling etc. phases can be performed with optimal technological parameters. The bar loading system allows the loading of a bundle of bars with a maximum length of 6 meters for a total weight of 3000 Kg, ensuring a long operating autonomy.