CNC multispindle for not rotating bar

Numerical control multi-spindle, flexible with non-rotating Combybar bar feed

From the extruded bar to the finished product with unbeatable cycle times

The bar Transfer is the alternative solution to multi-spindle lathes. Combybar has advantages that make this product extremely attractive.

As the bar transfer doesn’t need to rotate the bar,  if compared to a classic multi-spindle lathe, it has the following advantages:

  • Bar length size theoretically unlimited, so that is has higher autonomy, less downtimes and less waste of material.  The standard bar loader can be configured for the load of a bar beam with a maximum length of 6 m.
  • Bar diameter size until 160 mm
  • Minimum bar-tail waste, not comparable to the waste of a multi-spindle lathe.
  • The single machining phases are independent and they can be done with optimal technological parameters, which are essential for materials difficult to find.
  • The cut speed is not unlimited to the number of revolutions that the bar can rotate. Better quality and higher productivity.
  • The bar can be drilled not only along the rotation axis.
  • Cylindered pieces can be drilled axially on both sides. Reduced cycle times.
  • Not only turning, drilling and thread operations but also milling, drawing and shearing, etc.
  • There are no limits to the geometry of the extruded, being the piece worked not in rotation. You can work several pieces in addition to pieces which can be machined on the lathe.
  • Possibility to use different cutting fluids, not only whole oil.
  • Smaller re-tooling time.
  • Possibility to use different independent software systems to verify the tool wear.

The new constructive solutions with HP "High Performance & Low Maintenance" operating units which, in addition to guarantee optimal rigidity and precision characteristics, allow very limited, easy and rapid maintenance interventions. The Direct-Drive rotary table allows to tear down the cycle times obtaining finished pieces even with complex geometries and processes, maintaining a high degree of precision.

The USER FRENDLY PICCHI programming makes the machine easy to use and to program.

Predisposition according to the requirements of the “Industry 4.0”: Interconnection to the IT systems, monitoring of the work conditions and of the process parameters, adaptive control to the drifts of the process, etc.

Tele-Service: Systems of remote maintenance and / or Tele diagnosis and / or remote control systems.

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