Traditional Multi-spindle Lathe

Comparison with bar Transfer COMBYBAR

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Some of the advantages of not rotating the bar


In the industrial automation market, Combybar machines are a valid alternative to traditional multi-spindle lathes, in this way becoming an extremely competitive product.
Bar transfer allows the part to be machined without needing to rotate the bar.

This gives many advantages:


  • possibility of machining bars with sections of any shape;


  • theoretically unlimited machinable diameter (up to 160mm);


  • cut speed not limited by the maximum rotation of the bar which allows machining at higher speeds, useful above all on long or large parts;


  • machining the extruded bars means avoiding many processes resulting in huge savings in time and materials.


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Some of the advantages of not rotating the bar


The bars of theoretically unlimited length, up to 7.5 meters, therefore entail a great autonomy, greater efficiency in the bar change (fewer changes means less time used) and finally a lower bar waste which leads to savings in material and bar cutting cycle time.


The bar magazine is also quick and easy to equip: the production change is immediate. For hexagonal and round bars and for a wide range only adjustments according to the diameter are necessary. Furthermore, during production, the bar changeover time of Combybar is shorter than with the multi-spindle lathe. In fact, depending on the configuration and options on Combybar, the changeover time can be even less than 5 seconds.


The best cutting parameters for each operation

Each unit can work at the most suitable values of spindle rotation speed and feed, in order to obtain:


  • better results in individual operations and therefore higher quality of the finished piece;


  • longer tool life and therefore further savings;


  • higher productivity.


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Fast retooling – Tooling-up in less than 5 minutes


Machines with fully electronic configuration have very low tooling-up times:


  • less than 5 minutes within the same family (where only the CNC program change is necessary);


  • less than 1 hour to change all tools + part program;


  • less than 3 hours if complete retooling is required: program + tools + workpiece clamps + cleaning.



Double machines


When the productions increase, it is possible to foresee double stations, with double units for the realization of two pieces at the same time.
These, compared to two separate machines, take up less floor space and have a lower cost.



Dynamics with deep roots


High quality and reliability are guaranteed by the great experience and know-how acquired by Picchi.

Below the MAT-88 model: automatic tube processing machine.







NB: To get more information and to find out further advantages, download Combybar Vs. Lathe.



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