The stage


PICCHI and the BUGATTI GROUP have a long tradition in hosting students to promote the integration between school and work and to plan the future with them.
The goal is to create positive synergies in the training process: Schools, Territory.

What does the Stage consist of?

The Stage is considered as the first and most important tool that the student has to understand his attitudes and, therefore, to set his professional career. The Stage consists of a training project addressed  to high school and university students and can represent not only a first moment of contact between the young person and the Company. It has a double nature:

  • of training path, during which the student acquires technical skills and develops transversal skills (i.e. behavioral skills such as teamwork, building relationships of trust, reliability) and personal characteristics (such as adaptability, self-confidence, integrity, tolerance to stress, etc);
  • of preparatory experience for an eventual future opportunity of insertion into our reality.

Each Stage is linked to a specific project, whose management and implementation is immediately attributed to the candidate, who will obviously be guided and advised by a Tutor.


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