Picchi and corporate welfare

Corporate welfare today

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After the arrival of the pandemic, which changed people’s lives, the topic of corporate welfare also found a certain relevance within multiple, not only Italian but global, realities.

The term “welfare” was coined for the first time in the period of reconstruction after World War One, where it was necessary to focus once again on the importance of welfare which had been eliminated and destroyed by the war. Used in different contexts, it is also part of internal company policies, as a plan which companies can put at the disposal of their own employees to help them in their daily work, giving them real and tangible advantages which also provide a greater work-life balance.

Today it has become a central topic in the job world. What do companies get out of it? A greater and improved productivity from employees and co-workers, who feel part of a reality which is close to them and puts them first.

Picchi’s new canteen and relaxation area

Among the various companies with an active corporate welfare plan we also find Picchi, a company which has always been mindful of the people who work for it. And it was thinking about its people that encouraged Picchi to implement a project to rebuild its in-house canteen, redesigning the layout of spaces and generally revamping the premises.

A new layout where a small relaxation corner was provided alongside the various tables to be used during breaks and after lunch. Not only to rest, but also to share a moment to talk and discuss which is difficult to find during working hours.

This offers two advantages. Employees can fully enjoy their breaks without having to go out of the building and have the added convenience of not having to think about how to organise themselves.

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