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Industry 4.0
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The term Industry 4.0 was coined for the first time in 2011 by Henning Kagermann, Wolf Dieter Lukas and Wolfgang Wahlster with reference to the ZukunftsProjekt Industrie 4.0, presented during the Hannover Fair. The term was then clarified two years later when it became a reality with a series of investments in the production sphere focusing on modernising the section as well as a greater competitiveness on the market. 
Talking about Industry 4.0 also means referring to what we today consider as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, characterised by the use of various different technologies concerning the ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) world in different production spheres. A transformation of the practices and activities of businesses, aimed at improving the whole universal industrial system.


The key principles of Industry 4.0 

The main cornerstones of Industry 4.0 are: 

  • interconnection: thanks to networks which allow an intelligent communication among machines, people, software, etc;
  • virtual reality and sharing: digital platforms which correspond to the physical world and allow numerous collaborations; 
  • self-management: machines, made increasingly more intelligent, analyse data, make decisions, solve problems independently.

The advantages of Industry 4.0 

From some research projects carried out in different sectors, what has emerged is the fact that the application of technologies linked to Industry 4.0 has various advantages for the industrial fabric: 

  • major operating efficiency 
  • monitoring of machines in real time 
  • optimisation and increase of production capacity
  • possibility to interact remotely 
  • quality improvement 
  • economic saving 
  • reduction of breakdowns.

Picchi and Industry 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 describes perfectly the activity which is carried forward by Picchi, one of the leading companies in the industrial automation sector. With more than 20 years of experience it proposes industrial machines and completely robotised and automated solutions. 
The principle which moves the whole activity focuses on the concept of interconnection, where plants composed of interconnected machinery are more efficient than individual isolated machines.
Picchi Machining Centres and Transfer Machines are in fact veritable multi-process plants. The company also offers turnkey plants where the main machinery is interconnected and complete with automation.
Finally, the Picchi’s principle of Industry 4.0 can not only be found in the production of machinery but also in the after-sales service which the company supplies to its clients, via a package of technical assistance on site or also remote. Since the company has clients abroad, Picchi has developed an innovative remote assistance system which allows the installation and relevant inspection of machines, through the use of instruments such as augmented virtual reality, which, thanks to simultaneous translators, makes the application simple.
Innovation is today reality. Innovation is Industry 4.0. 
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