Corporate eco-sustainability

A valuable conscious choice

Bugatti Group

Today, eco-sustainability is one of the key topics of public opinion. 
A hot topic which is supported by all those who want to respect not only the environment in which we live, but human beings in general, too.
A primary need which has strengthened since the 2008 crisis and which has seen citizens, scientists and businessmen make more conscious choices regarding the ecosystem.

The sustainability concept

But what does being sustainable mean? 
According to the United Nations Commission, the principle is linked to satisfying people's own needs without compromising the capacity for future generations to do the same. 
A profound and conscious thought, where current resources are used, protecting the environment and society.
Citizens and companies must rescale habits, in order to improve the future and the present, for themselves and for others.
At strategic level, there are many actions which companies must adopt to make this type of vision feasible. Each with a more or less direct impact on the territory. So, we have seen the adoption of waste containment measures, the implementation and use of renewable energy, arriving at economic support for ventures dedicated to eco-sustainability,
Two results have been achieved. At economic level, waste containment and the use of specific renewable energies have led to a reduction and rescaling of energy costs, with positive repercussions for the environment.


Bugatti Group sustainable innovation

Like many other companies, the Bugatti Group has acted with regard to sustainability, putting it at the centre of its philosophy together with another two closely linked values: ecology and wellness. Achieving excellent results.
In 2017, the hydroelectric power station was put into operation, covering most of its energy requirements and aims at covering 75% from alternative sources by 2025.
An important target for a better and 100% renewable future.


Picchi and the sustainability of Transfer Machines

Pursuing the same philosophy of the Bugatti Group, of which it is an integral part, Picchi respects human values and the environment. 
So, in its operations too, its business supports the sustainability plan implemented by the Group, by equipping its Transfer Machines with an energy recovery system.
In particular, during the deceleration phase the motors generate energy, which is then recovered by a specially designed system, and reused when the motors need it during re-acceleration.


Look at the video on YouTube and discover the sustainable philosophy of the Bugatti Group:

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