CHRONO: The machine that allows you to maximize the operating life of your tools


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Chrono is the multispindle machining center proposed by Picchi, with technical characteristics that make it extremely competitive on the sector market.

The high rigidity of the machine, mechanically designed with the finite element method, allows the use of high cutting parameters, while still guaranteeing a long tool life in line with the indicators suggested by the most qualified manufacturers.









Among the main technical characteristics of Chrono, we point out:


  • High modularity, characterized by the possibility of having a 4 or 5 axis machine configuration.


  • Possibility of installing a recess unit integrated in the spindle of a machining center with Capto C4 coupling and maximum speed of 3000 rpm. The turning operations can also be performed with a rotating piece, using the "B" axis, and driven by a torque motor.


  • The extreme capacity of the tool magazines, with standard solutions from 54 to 90 tools. In addition, external magazines are applicable, which can be managed also while the machining center is in the production phase.


  • Passage of the high pressure coolant through the spindles, also of the recess unit, in order to make the machining more productive.


  • Differential temperature control system of the coolant, to ensure dimensional stability and maximum precision.


  • Devices, equipment and accessibility designed to speed up the batch changeover phases. Among these, the possibility of equipping Chrono with a pallet change system for tooling in masked time.


  • Possibility of working a single workpiece with a cycle divided between the different stations or distinct workpieces on each station, also favoring a continuous flow for the subsequent production phases of groups.

Why choose Chrono?

Comparing the characteristics of the multispindle machining center Chrono with those of machining centers with 2, 3 or 4 spindles, we note some strengths, such as:



  • The size of the workable workpiece is not bound to the center distance of the spindles but linked only to the working cubature of the machine.


  • If the center distance of the spindles is fixed, the workpiece holder equipment must be particularly precise to ensure the necessary machining accuracy, while remaining not subject to correction of any inaccuracies caused, for example, by unwanted thermal effects. For Chrono, tool compensation is independent on all axes, therefore any dimensional error of the equipment can be easily compensated.


  • For Chrono the number of tools used in machining a piece is equal to the number of operations. With the 2, 3, 4 spindle machining centers, on the other hand, the number of tools is double, triple, etc., thus generating considerable savings. In addition, the greater capacity of the tool magazine (base 54 up to 90) allows the use of twin tools and/or the possibility of leaving tools of other pre-set workpieces.
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