Below are listed components which are worked in the Thermotechnic sector.

Other components aren’t listed due to the “No Disclosure Agreement” or for other reasons linked to the privacy towards our costumers.

In case of kind requests for studies or estimates from your side, we will treat your case with the same discretion and professionalism.

Our products offer productivity and flexibility of use, which are necessary for the production of families of pieces.

Our products offer productivity and flexibility, which are necessary to produce range of pieces. New rules, which impose the use of low lead brass, Ecobrass, CW510, CW 511 L for pieces dedicated to drinking water distribution, which impose new characteristics, finding complete application in our products.

  • Solar panels collector
  • Warming collector
  • Collectors
  • Furnace components
  • Water meter
  • Straight fitting
  • Safety valve
  • Multiway valves
  • etc.


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