The Bugatti Group includes several industrial production companies in these four main sectors: housewares goods and gift items (Casa Bugatti), lighting (Landa), Pneumatic (Aignep), and machines tools (Picchi) and since 100 years it has linked its name to a series of company steps with processes of growth and development, thanks also to talented employees, instilling its spirit and its values.


The first company of the Bugatti Group was founded in 1923 in Lumezzane, in the province of Brescia. Founded by the brothers Giuseppe, Giovanni, Faustino, Giacinto and Amadio, the company has in the name also a tribute to the father-precursor: F.lli Bugatti fu Amadio.

After a first season of labor, based on the production of silverware and nickel silver cutlery, the company soon endowed itself with the first mechanical tools to improve the characteristics of its products and to make the work processes easier.

F.lli Bugatti is the first to introduce the Polak diecasting machine in Italy, thanks to which in ’28 the revolutionary brass-silicon alloy, known as the "Bugatti alloy", was created.

It is the first of a long series of technological and formal innovations, that will lead the company to establish itself in Italy and in Europe, up to the current diffusion on international markets.

A continuous and exciting process in which the deep relationship with the territory and the family roots comes together with technological research.

Always attentive to human values and to the environment, and being the productive companies of the Bugatti Group energy-intensive, in 2017 they put their proper renewable hydroelectric power station into operation.


The continuous desire for innovation, research and development of PICCHI is perfectly reflected in the history and the spirit of the Bugatti Group.


Picchi, integral part of the Group, was founded in 1958 as manufacturer of diamond-superfinishing machines for faucets, and soon joined the production with transfer machines.

Immediately, the company stands out for its highly innovative machine tools that offer its customers unexpected growth opportunities with forefront solutions that soon find applications also in other sectors such as automotive, oil-hydraulics, pneumatic and the gas sector.

After many years of experience in the manufacture of machine tools, continuous innovation has led to the design and production of increasingly productive and precise machines such as the new bar transfers for multi-spindle turning with non-rotating bar, flexible machines such as the twin-spindle machining center 5-axis and the multi-center machine “CHRONO”.